5 Awesome Grunge Photoshop Brushes!

Everyone likes a nice grungy look from time to time. In this post, I’ve gone through and picked out 5 awesome grunge Photoshop brushes that you can pop into Photoshop and use on your creations!

1. “Paint Trails”

Author: Env1ro
Website: env1ro.brushiac.com
Number of Brushes: 7
Terms of Use: Free for Personal Use

Description: Though these brushes don’t scream ‘grunge’, they can certainly be used to give a nice splash to your ‘darker’ images!
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2. “Grunge Brushpack”

Author: Dimits
Website: dimits.deviantart.com
Number of Brushes: 19
Terms of Use: Free!

Description: This brush set contains 19 high quality grunge brushes which are free to use! Definitely check out the author’s website to show your appreciation!
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3. “Grunge Brushes – Volume 2”

Author: Gratiela Dascalu
Website: Webdesignerlab.com
Number of Brushes: 26
Terms of Use: Free!

Description: This is a massive pack of high quality grunge brushes! For use on your free for commercial projects!
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4. “Rusty Brushes”

Author: Mavido
Website: Mavido.deviantart.com
Number of Brushes: 37
Terms of Use: Free!

Description: This brush pack, by Mavido, contains 37 great rusty brushes for your grungy projects!
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5. “Splatter Brushes Set”

Author: Thomas Beal
Website: BrushKing.eu
Number of Brushes: 16
Terms of Use: Creative Commons

Description: What’s a dark, grunge project without some blood! This blood splatter set contains 16 high quality brushes to make your work bleed!
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I hope you all enjoy these brushes! I will try and post more quality resources as I come across them!