Photoshop: Stamp Icon

Since a lot of you seem to like my icon based tutorials, here’s a request that I received recently. “How can I create a stamp icon in Photoshop”. Let me show you how!

Stamp Icon in Photoshop

The size of your document and the background color is completely up to you. I created a 450×400 document with a grey background. Once you have your background created, we need to create the basic shape of the stamp, which is a rectangle. In your Tools Panel on the left, grab your Rectangle Tool and draw out the size that you desire.

If you’ve ever seen a stamp before, you’ve probably noticed that the edges aren’t quite crisp. They have perforated holes, which we need to create. To ensure that our icon remains scaleable in the future, we’re going to stick with our Shapes Tool and subtract the holes from the rectangle. Grab your Ellipse Tool, which is hiding with the Rectangle, and make sure the “Subtract from shape area” button is punched in.

Once that’s set, draw out your first circle onto of the rectangle. I found that a non-perfect circle worked best, hanging off the edge of the rectangle. Here’s what my first circle looks like after I drew it.

That’s one down, so grab your Ellipse Tool, and do 30 more! Actually, there’s an easier way. Duplication! In your Tools Panel, grab your Path Selection Tool () and click on your newly created circle. You should see the circle’s anchor points show up in black. Once you do, we can duplicate away. Here’s how I did it:

Mac: Hold down Option+Shift then press your down arrow once to duplicate the circle. Once it’s duplicated, keep the Shift key held down, and press the down arrow two more times.
PC: Hold down Alt+Shift then press your down arrow once to duplicate the circle. Once it’s duplicated, keep the Shift key held down, and press the down arrow two more times.

Continue this process until the whole left side is filled with holes, like we see below.

Now that the left side is completely finished, we can duplicate all the circles and move the over to the right side. With the Path Selection Tool still active, click on each circle while holding the Shift key. This will allow you to select them all as a group. When they’re all selected, hold down Option+Shift(Mac)/Alt+Shift(PC) and drag to the right side and position them accordingly.

A similar process can be done for the top holes. Duplicate one of the circles, then use the Transform Tool (Command/CTRL + T) to rotate it clockwise. (Hold down Shift while rotating to rotate by 90 degrees). Once you have one circle rotated, place it at the top and duplicate it like we did earlier in the tutorial.

You’re also free to place a circle on the top corners of the rectangle as well. You’ll probably have to rotate a circle diagonally to get a nice result. Here is what your final shape should look like after you’ve placed all your circles:

On the next page, we’ll start making our stamp look pretty!

Continue to make your stamp PRETTY!