Photoshop: Number Flipper

The Number Flipper tutorial was inspired by a clock application that I use on my iPad. I love the simplicity of this design. Here’s how you can create your own Number Flipper at home!

Number Flipper in Photoshop


[raw] [/raw]

As always, creating your document is step one. The size is completely up to you, but because I only have about 600px to work with for my posts, I’ll start off with a 450 x 400 document.

Once the document is ready to go, the first shape we’re going to create will be the top half of our Flipper. To do this, let’s use the Rounded Rectangle Tool, located in the Shapes flyout on the left. Take note of the Radius value on the Options bar at the top. You probably don’t want a very large Radius. 5px should be fine.

Draw out your first Rounded Rectangle at the top of the document. Make sure to leave enough room for the bottom half, which we’ll add shortly. You should have something that looks like this:

Clearly, it’s quite boring! Let’s pop on some Layer Styles to spice it up a touch. We’ll start with a Gradient Overlay, then we’ll add a Stroke and an Inner Shadow. Head to Filter > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay. The settings for our Styles are below.

Gradient Overlay


Inner Shadow

Once the Layer Styles are added to that shape, you should have something that looks like this. Of course, you’re free to use any color/Styles that you wish.

Our first half is complete. Now it’s time for the bottom half. Instead of grabbing the Rounded Rectangle Tool again, and redrawing the shape, we can simply duplicate the top half to use for the bottom half! Here’s a quick way to duplicate your layer.

Mac: Hold down your Option Key, and drag the layer down. If you want to ensure that it remains on the same vertical axis, hold down your Shift Key as well.
PC: Hold down your Alt Key while dragging. Shift works the same as well.

Place that shape just below the top half, leaving a small gap in between.

At it’s current state, the bottom shape it looking, off. We’ll need to adjust it’s Layer Styles a touch. I’m going to change the Gradient and the Inner Shadow. The Stroke will remain the same. The settings are below:

Gradient – The main change was the right color. I darkened it a touch.

Inner Shadow. Notice the change in Angle.

Here’s what the changes did to our bottom shape.

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