Photoshop: Snow Brush

In my last tutorial, I showed you all how to create a brush that would mimic a “rain” effect. Today, we’re going to change the weather, and create snow!

Snow Brush in Photohop

[raw] [/raw]

The process is very similar to the last tutorial. First, if the ‘feel’ of the image doesn’t match the weather we’re going to be added, we need to adjust it. In this case, we’re going to play with the Levels a touch, and then add a Photo Filter to give our image a ‘cold’ feel to it. Here’s the image we’re starting with.

Looking at the image, the sky is nice and cloudy, but it seems too bright for a snowy day. Let’s fix that with some Adjustment Layers. In your Layer’s Panel on the right, click on the black/white button () and choose Levels. Here are the settings I used. You may need to modify them to fit your image.

Once your Levels are added, we’re going to then add a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer. This will give our image a ‘cold’ feel to it.

Now that the two Adjustment Layers are added, my image is looking a bit more ‘wintery’.

Now it’s time to create the brush! With your Brush Tool selected, go ahead and choose any brush from the drop-down at the top. It doesn’t need to be a specific brush. We’ll be making many changes.

Now the changes begin! Start by activating your Brush Panel, but heading up to Window > Brush. You should see a new Panel appear on the right side of your interface. You’re free to change any settings that you wish, but these are the settings I found to work best for a “snow effect”. Go through the images below, and apply them to your brush.

Once you’ve got the Brush complete, make sure to save it for future use by pressing the Create New Brush button () at the bottom of the Brush Panel. Now we’re ready to add snow!

Continue to create awesome snow!