Photoshop: Snow Brush

So now that our brush is complete, let’s create some snow! Start off by creating a new layer so that our snow isn’t stuck on the background image, choose a white foreground color, then with your brush still active, click once at the top of your image, then with the Shift key held down, click again at the bottom. Let go of the Shift key once you finish the two clicks. You should see it start to snow!

Continue this process across the width of the document. Try to avoid simply duplicating the layer across. The nice thing about using brushes, is that each stroke is different. You should have something like this once you finish.

That looks decent, but it could be SO much more realistic. Not all snow is the same size, and in photography, the snow can sometimes sneak up on you. Go ahead and increase your brush a tad by using the ] key to around 30px. Then, splatter random strokes across your image. You don’t need to go top to bottom for this. Make it random! After that, increase your brush to around 100px to add a FEW flakes in the near foreground. Here’s what my image looks like after the additional strokes:

Looking good, but let’s add one more thing. And Outer Glow to the snow. This will add that ‘magical’ feel to your snow. Head to Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow and add the following settings:


Perfect! And here’s my final result!

Try it out yourself, and turn your images into a winter wonderland!