Daily Tip: Precise Cursor in Photoshop

By far, one of the most common questions that I receive, is “MY BRUSH IS TINY AND WON’T GET BIGGER!” In today’s Daily Tip, I’m going to show you exactly why you’re running into this very common problem.

The Precise Cursor in Photoshop

The tool you’re actually running into, is called the Precise Cursor. It’s a sub-tool to the Brush Tool that allows you to place your cursor exactly where you want to start painting. Those referring to this issue will most likely see the following:

So how is this activated, and why don’t you see your standard Brush? Looking back at the initial question (“I’M HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MY BRUSH. IT’S TINY AND WON’T GET BIGGER!”). Your answer is staring right into your eyes. CAPS LOCK! Activating your Caps Lock key on your keyboard actually activates the Precise Cursor while you have a brush tool selected. Turning off the Caps Lock key will return you to your regular scheduled Brush Tool!

Check back tomorrow for another Photoshop Daily Tip!