JDIs – Photoshop CS6 Beta

Skill level

Take a look at some of the new JDIs (Just Do It features) that are available in the Photoshop CS6 Public Beta.

In addition to some of the larger features, like Content-Aware Move, that have been introduced in the Photoshop CS6 Public Beta, Adobe has also included over 60 JDIs which will help users in their day-to-day workflow. A JDI, which stands for “Just do it”, are typically smaller features that have been requested by the Photoshop community. In the video above, I take a look at 10 of my favorite JDIs. If you want to view a list of over 60 JDIs, check out the list below!

60+ JDIs

  1. Contact Sheet has been restored as an Automate option
  2. PDF Presentation has been restored as an Automate option
  3. HUD brush resize and hardness can now change opacity (CTRL-OPTlON up/down)
  4. Increase brush size to 5000px
  5. User option per tip for color dynamics
  6. Brush tip cursor reflects brush pose and jitter for round and captured tips
  7. Brightness/contrast slider for textures when painting
  8. Brush projection for static tips
  9. Ability to record brush strokes in actions with “Allow Tool Recording” option
  10. Enable Split Channels for documents with layers
  11. Select Hex field by default and allow clipboard pastes with a in contents i.e. the sample size popup for the various eyedropper tools (black point, white point, etc.)
  12. Add Ignore adjustment layers options bar Item for the eyedropper
  13. New mode for eyedropper to select layers current and below
  14. Read common stereo Image pair formats (JPS, PNS)
  15. Allow for more bit depths In TIFF
  16. Read BIGTIFF format
  17. Give the user choices regarding how they want transparency treated In OpenEXR on file open
  18. Increase GPU stability by prequalifying GPUs on the fly before use
  19. Grammar policed throughout app
  20. Use consistent grammar style in the title of dialog windows (no commands such as “Choose a color:”)
  21. Auto-select the best resample method based on the type of resize
  22. Import images from devices provides ImageKit scanning and camera acquisition support
  23. Add a contextual menu item that deletes a layer effect not just disables it
  24. Add dither options to Layer Styles for Gradient Overlay and Gradient Stroke
  25. Allow 00 or Shift 00 to work when setting layer/fill opacity (previously no way to get 0%)
  26. Add bicubic sharper & bicubic smoother options when free transforming layers
  27. Allow changing of blend modes for multiple layers at once
  28. Allow locking of multiple layers
  29. CMD+J to duplicate selected layers and layer groups (in addition to layers)
  30. Allow changing color labels to multiple layers at once
  31. Layer tooltips to Include layer name (If defined)
  32. Opt+click on toggle arrows (groups and effects) in layer panel should close all targets
  33. Show blend if\Blending Effects badge on layer
  34. Show correct opacity and blend mode values for hidden layers
  35. Tab goes to next layer on inline layer rename, SHIFT TAB goes to previous.
  36. When creating a shape layer, the layer name should not be like “Shape 1” but instead reflect the tool named such as “Rectangle 1”
  37. command to raster layer effect Into layer, merging the selected layers Into themselves
  38. Reorder effects In the layers palette to match the Z-order style blend mode (bottom most effects In terms of blending order, drop shadow ls below the other effects)
  39. Resize Liquify brush with shortcuts
  40. Increase maximum Liquify brush size
  41. Add option to load last meshEnable Invert and Threshold adjustments for masks in 32-bit
  42. Hold SHIFT during startup to disable 3rd party plugins
  43. Add new Gradient Map presets for toning and split-toning
  44. Add new document presets for common devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  45. Sticky reorganization of tool presets (changes persist after relaunch)
  46. Add “Edit” button for the description field in the print dialog
  47. Hide color profiles that are inappropriate for currently selected printer when using “Photoshop Manages Color”
  48. Allow user to change the “preview well” backqround color in the print dialog
  49. Allow print dialog and print preview to be resized
  50. Allow user to manually position the printed area on the page
  51. Reintroduce “Print selected area”, allow user to modify selection in print dialog
  52. Add warning message that Images cannot display their file size in the Save as JPEG dialog
  53. Add ability to access tool name associated with the tool preset name via scripting
  54. Add the ability to return an array of guides In a document from the scripting SDK
  55. Make the marquee, lasso, and mask panel feather values support decimal places like the leather dialog
  56. Remember feather radius when showing dialog for selection from a path
  57. Don’t hide smart object icon when transforming a layer
  58. Rotate 90 with even x odd pixel dimension to be smooth (bjango.com)
  59. Improve dragging of vector curves
  60. Undo or disable auto rotate on open
  61. Add command to Insert “lorem ipsum” for type
  62. Move the app bar and reduce the drag/app bar over 30%
  63. [Windows] New/open document to context click on a document tab (has always been on Mac, now Windows too)
  64. Add “Don’t show again” checkbox to Purge warnings

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