Increase UI Text Size

Increase UI Text Size in Photoshop

As monitor resolution becomes higher, and as people get older, there’s going to be a need for larger text sizes, especially within the user interface. While some operating systems allow you to control this (to an extent), Photoshop also has a built in feature that can help with eye strain.

User Interface Text Size

By default, the UI text size is set to “Small”, which for some people, may be difficult to see. Here’s how to enlarge it.


To access this feature, you need to hop into Photoshop’s interface preferences.

Windows: Edit > Preferences > Interface
Mac: Photoshop > Preferences > Interface

Once you’re in the interface preferences, towards the bottom, you’ll see the Text option, where you can choose from one of three sizes; Small, Medium, Large.

UI Text Preferences


Here’s a look at the difference between the small and large settings.


Small UI Text


Large UI Text

Dialogue Boxes

In addition to the workspace’s UI becoming larger, you’ll also see the change within dialogue boxes, such as Layer Styles, as seen below.

Layer Styles Dialogue

A Big Difference?

The difference you’re going to see between the small and large settings won’t be astronomical, but it will be enough to ease your eye strain. I hope this helps!

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