Disney’s Frozen Text Effect in Photoshop

Skill level

Today, we’re going to be creating a text effect that’s similar to the Frozen text, that’s on the poster for Disney’s new movie, Frozen. We won’t be recreating the font, because frankly, I don’t want to get sued, but let me show you how to create this effect using a texture, and a few Layer Styles.

Written Tutorial

For this tutorial, I’ll be using two ice textures which I grabbed from Shutterstock.com. Of course, if you don’t have a Shutterstock account, you can get similar free textures from CGTextures.com.

Ice Texture

Ice Texture

Starting off with the background, this will set the stage for our text, and add a bit of texture, as well. I’m going to start by filling the background with a dark navy blue, and then I’m going to add in one of my textures, with the Blend Mode set to Multiply.

Texture Multiply Blend Mode

Finally, to finish off the background, I’m going to add a slight highlight. Creating one more new layer, add a single spot around the top right corner of this document, then change the Blend Mode to Soft Light, and decrease the Opacity a touch.

White Spot

Perfect. Now we can start with the text. Like I mentioned, we’re not going to be recreating the font that Disney used, as I’m sure it was custom created for the movie, so we’ll use something a bit more generic.

Grabbing the Type Tool, the font I’ll be using will be Trajan Pro, set to bold, and the color will be a lighter blue: #0c86ae, and once the properties are set, type out the word Frozen in the center of the document.

Frozen Text

Now we can start applying a few Layer Styles, to give our text a bit of shape. The first style we’re going to add, will be Bevel & Emboss.

Frozen Text Bevel and Emboss

Next, to add a bit glow to the inside of the text, we’re going to add an Inner Glow.

Frozen Text Inner Glow

Good. The last Layer Style we’re going to add, will be an Outer Glow.

Frozen Text Outer Glow

Perfect, our Layer Styles are complete, but our text still isn’t looking very cold. This is where texture number two comes into play. Place the second texture on top of the text, then clip it by right-clicking on the texture layer, and choose “Create Clipping Mask“.

Frozen Text Texture

Finally, to blend in the texture a bit better, set the Blend Mode to Hard Light. That should give you a nice vibrant look to the texture.

Frozen Text Hard Light

That’s looking quite a bit better, but the edges of the text are a bit too straight. To deal with this, we’re going to apply a distortion to a Layer Mask. With your Command/Ctrl key held down, click on the type layer’s thumbnail to turn it into a selection, then add a Layer Mask. This will give us a border to apply our filter to.

Frozen Text Layer Mask

Now that the mask is in place, add the Wave distortion under the Filter > Distort menu.

Frozen Text Wave Distort

Once you press Okay, you’ll see that the edges of your type layer are now cracked and chipped.

Frozen Text Effect Final

And that does it! Your own frozen text effect in Photoshop! Of course, if you want to recreate the font on the Frozen poster, go right ahead. But as I don’t have Disney’s permission to do so, I can only show you how to create a similar text effect. I hope you guys enjoyed it!