Increase Photoshop History States

Skill level

When you first launch Photoshop, you’re able to undo up to 20 times. In today’s tip, I’ll show you how you can increase that amount, to give you more breathing room in your projects.

In Photoshop’s preferences, which can be accessed under the Photoshop menu (Mac), or Edit menu (Windows), the Performance section contains options to adjust the History & Cache. Increasing the History States will allow you to undo more than the default 20 times.

Photoshop History States

Be Aware!

Keep in mind, the more history states you use, the more scratch disk space is required by Photoshop, as every step is temporarily saved until the document is closed. If you typically work on large projects, with a lot of steps, you may want to increase the History States to ensure that you can safely undo without running out space. However, if Photoshop starts to become slow, or an error message pops up that suggests you’re running out of scratch disk space, you may want to dial back on the amount of states that Photoshop stores.

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