Movie 43 Text Effect

Movie 43 Text Effect in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Skill level

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how simple it is to create the Movie 43 text using Photoshop CS6’s new 3D features. If you haven’t played around with the new features yet, you must try them out! 3D in Photoshop CS6 is a breath of fresh air compared to CS5. You must have Photoshop CS6 Extended in order to complete this tutorial.

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The document I’ll be starting with is going to be 1920 x 1080, which is a nice large size, and perfect for desktop wallpapers! Feel free to start smaller or larger, if you wish.

Movie 43 Document Size

The background color will be set to a nice yellow/orange color. #f5ca00.

The Movie 43 Font

While I wasn’t able to find the exact font that was used for the Movie 43 poster, the Mondo Cane font from is quite close. Once it’s been installed, type out “MOVIE 43” in the center of your document, with 43 on the line below. I used a font size of around 225 pt.

Movie 43 Text

When the text has been typed out, the 43 needs be to enlarged. With your Type Tool, select only the numbers 43, and enlarge the font size until it’s about the same width as MOVIE.

Movie 43 Text

You’ll probably end up with a result that has a large space in between MOVIE and 43. To deal with this, we need to adjust the Leading, which can be found in your Character panel. You can activate it under the Window menu.

Movie 43 Character Panel

Once the Character panel is visible, the Leading value will probably be set to Auto. You’ll want to change it to squeeze the two words closer together.

Movie 43 Leading

Into the 3rd Dimension!

Now that the text is set up, we can now bring the text into 3D! If your Type Tool is still active, you can use the 3D button on the Options Bar, otherwise, you can choose the Extrude to 3D option under the Type menu.

Movie 43 3D Extrusion

You should be left with the following result:

Movie 43 3D Text


Now it’s time to customize the 3D text, to give it a more authentic look! With the base mesh selected (in your 3D panel), decrease the Extrusion so it’s not too thick.

Movie 43 Extrusion


We’re also going to be adding a slight bevel around the text, which will give the text a bit of an outline. With the base mesh still selected, click on the 3rd icon at the top of the Properties panel (Cap), and adjust the bevel accordingly. Increase the Width to 3%, and decrease the Angle to 0 degrees.

Movie 43 Bevel

Next, let’s work on the Front Inflation, to get better lighting and color. First, to give the light a stronger red color, set the Specular to a bright red, then to tighten the light up, increase the Shine to 100%. You can also increase the Roughness value, if you find that the light to too ‘sharp’.

Movie 43 Front Inflation

Next, we’re going to modify the Front Bevel Material, to give the outline a bit of color. The Diffuse will be set to yellow, and the Illumination will be set to an orange color.

Movie 43 Bevel Material

Next, we’re going to work on the Extrusion Material. Both the Diffuse and Illumination will be set to the same orange/yellow color. The Diffuse will change the base color of the extrusion, but the Illumination will ensure that the whole extrusion is lit up. Otherwise, the Infinite Light would cast unwanted shadows.

Movie 43 Extrusion Material

The Light

Speaking of the light, we’re going to make a few changes to the Infinite Light. This can be selected in your 3D panel, or by clicking on the light icon at the top of your document.

Movie 43 Light

When the light has been selected, rotate the handle in the middle of your document until the light is hitting the text straight on.

Movie 43 Light Handle

You’ll probably notice a very long shadow in the background. We’re actually going to be removing the shadow in the next step.


In the Environment properties, you’re going to want to adjust the Ground Plane’s shadow and reflection. The shadow will be reduced to 0%, and then increase the reflection’s opacity and roughness, if you wish.

Movie 43 Environment


Up unti this point, the mesh has been looking a bit rough. This is because you’re only seeing a preview of what the final result should look like. In order for Photoshop to smooth out the mesh/reflections/shadows, you must render the scene. Under the 3D menu, the Render option towards the bottom will start it up!

Now depending on your computer’s specs, and conditions of the scene (reflections, refractions, opacity, etc), the render can take anywhere from 3 minutes, to a few hours! Luckily, a simple project like this should only take a few minutes to complete.

Movie 43 Text Effect