Photoshop’s Bird’s Eye View

Skill level

Bird’s Eye View in Photoshop allows you to easily zoom out and pan to a new area while you’re working on a high res image. This can certainly save you a bit of time while editing!

By holding down you “H” key, then clicking & dragging your mouse, you’ll enter Bird’s Eye View. This will allow you to quickly pan to another area of your high res photo, and zoom right back in to continue your work. Give it a shot!

Troubleshooting: If you’re having difficulties getting “Bird’s Eye View” to work, there may be a few reasons why.

– You’re not zoomed in far enough. Bird’s Eye View is meant to work when zoomed in far enough that you can’t see your whole document.
– Your computer may not support this feature, as it utilizes OpenGL.
– Your shortcut key for the “Hand Tool” may not be set to “H”. Edit your keyboard shortcuts to correct this problem. Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

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