Photoshop’s Content-Aware on VIDEOS?

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During a recent Google+ Hangout, I posed the question to Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes as to whether or not Content-Aware will ever find its way to video editing in Photoshop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look promising. However, I have a solution!

Content-Aware for Video?

When the question was asked to Bryan, the short answer was “no”. Content-Aware for videos would take an insane amount of computing power, and it would likely find its way to video editing applications, such as After Effects, before it appeared in Photoshop.

Camera Raw Workaround

Since Photoshop CC, users are now able to use Camera Raw as a filter on their images and videos. This not only means that you can apply the Camera Raw adjustments to to your videos, but it also means you have access to tools such as the Spot Removal Tool.

Spot Removal Tool

The Spot Removal Tool within Camera Raw allows you to paint overtop of an object that you with to remove. Photoshop will analyze the surrounding area, and magically blend out your pesky object.


– Whenever you wish to apply filters to your videos, your video layer must be converted into a Smart Object first. This will ensure that the filter is applied to the whole video, and not just an individual frame.

– This technique isn’t a perfect solution. In order for the Spot Removal to work successfully throughout your whole video, you need to be working with a video where the camera is not moving! As there is no motion tracking within Photoshop, any panning/tilting will ruin the result.

Advanced Techniques

There is a more advanced technique that involves After Effects and scripting in Photoshop. To check that out, click here.

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