Join me at Adobe MAX!

Adobe MAX 2015

A dream of mine is about to come true. In October, I will be delivering my first ever session, during my first ever Adobe MAX.

It seems that with every passing year, I find myself promising “next year, I’m going to MAX!”, but I never follow through. Whether it was work or personal reasons, something has always held me back. Until now!

I’ve done a bit of work for Adobe in the past, but never did I imagine I’d find myself speaking at one of their events, and certainly not Adobe MAX. Okay, I imagined it, but never thought it would actually happen!

Photoshop Shortcuts for Web & App Design

Come October, I’ll be delivering my first session, Photoshop Shortcuts for Web and App Design! With all the new features Adobe has released this year, it’s going to be tough cramming it into a single 75 minute talk, but should be very exciting! Here are a few of the topics I’ll be covering:

  • Artboards and Smart Objects
  • Libraries and CreativeSync
  • Adobe Stock
  • Typekit
  • Previewing your designs on mobile
  • Using the new export options

Join me!

If you’re attending Adobe MAX this year, I’d love for you to stop by! There’s a good chance you’d get a chuckle at my extreme nervousness, and you may learn something in the process!

Not sure what Adobe MAX is all about? Learn more!