Aurora HDR 2017

The world’s ultimate HDR application, and Trey Ratcliff’s tool of choice, has just become even more powerful! Whether you’re looking to dramatically improve a single image, or combine three or more exposures to create a striking photo, Aurora HDR 2017 has it all covered!

Edit to your heart’s content.

Aurora isn’t just a ‘combine images and go’ type of application. On top of that lies a full-powered image processing powerhouse, bringing you many of the adjustments you may be used to, helping you achieve that perfect effect!

The results are breathtaking.

HDR photography takes a lot of skill and a lot of patience, and if there’s one person who has perfected the craft, it’s Trey Ratcliff. Here are a few of the beautiful images that he’s processed using Aurora HDR.

New. Improved. Magical.

Aurora HDR 2017 may feel very familiar, but much has changed. Here’s a glance at just a few of the new and improved features that you’ll get your hands on.

  • NEW: Polarize Filter
  • NEW: Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • NEW: Defringing Tool to remove chromatic aberration
  • NEW: Batch Processing
  • NEW: Radial Masking
  • IMPROVED: Tone-mapping technology with reduced HDR noise, improved realism of initial result and faster performance
  • IMPROVED: User Interface with a cleaner more modern style

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