Photoshop can be a very complicated application, especially when you run into an error message or hit a road block. Below are a few videos based on some of the more common Photoshop issues that I’ve come across. More videos will be added in the months to come. Stay tuned!

[toggle title=”How do I increase my font preview size in Photoshop CS6?”]

When Photoshop CS6 was released, many users were confused as to how to increase the font preview size. Previously, there was an option within Photoshop’s preferences. It’s since been moved under the new Type menu. The video below demonstrates.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do I reset my Photoshop workspace?”]

One of the nice things about Photoshop, is the fact that it’s interface can be customized to your liking. However, there comes a time where you just want it back to the way it was when you first launched the application. This video demonstrates how it’s done.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why is by brush so small, and why isn’t it getting bigger?! (Precise Cursor)”]

If you find yourself with a very small brush, you may have activated the Precise Cursor using your Caps Lock key.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why is my color sampling backwards?”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”How can I fix Jagged text in Photoshop?”]

‘Jagged’ text can be caused from a variety of workflows and issues in Photoshop. The following video demonstrates how to fix/avoid jagged text.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Why can’t I edit my image? Everything is greyed out!”]

Sometimes, especially when you’ve downloaded an image from the Internet, you won’t be able to edit your image because it’s an Indexed Color image. This can easily be fixed by switching back to RGB.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Where Did My Filters Go in Photoshop CS6?!”]

Before you freak out, your beloved filters weren’t taken away from you when you upgraded from Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CS6. They were simply tucked away to keep the Filter menu nice and tidy.

Where Did They Go?!

As mentioned, some of the filters have been tucked away to keep the Filter menu clean, but they were not removed completely. For example, you were once able to access the texture based filters under the Filter > Texture menu. Now, in order to view these few filters that are no longer under the Filter menu, you need to open up the Filter Gallery.

Filter Gallery

Once in the Filter Gallery, you’ll have access to all the filters that appeared to have been removed in Photoshop CS6. The Filter Gallery can be seen below.

Filter Gallery

But I Want Them In The Menu!!

Greedy, aren’t you? Well, if you really want that long, cluttered Filter menu, you’re in luck! In Photoshop’s preferences, there’s an option to show all the filters in the Filter menu. To find this option, enter the Plug-Ins preferences:

Mac: Photoshop > Preferences > Plug-Ins (Command + K)
Windows: Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins (Ctrl + K)

Once in the Plug-Ins preferences, turn on the Show All Filter Gallery groups and names option.

Filter Preferences

Once you press OK, your Filter menu will be back to it’s clutter self again. Enjoy!